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Supports Online Stores

Native shopping cart integration

This plugin was developed with shopping carts in mind. It is compatible with virtually any shopping cart in the world that uses MySQL database and PHP. OpenCart, Magneto, ZenCart, OS Commerce, PrestaShop...


Always safe & secure

Redundancy backup at its best

Backing up your database manually always necessitates a second copy to be redundant and safe. BUT, Automatic MySQL Database Backup Plugin backs up your entire database to multiple locations with no burden on you.


Restoration in minutes

Auto backup and easy restoration

If backing up your database is made easy, the restoration is the same. You can restore your entire database in just a few clicks and go on with your life. Read more

As a web developer, I always need convincing but it didn’t take long. The best database backup plugin. Period.
It has saved my rear-end more than I can count. 19 dollars is a hell of cheap price for what this little gem does.
I use a lot of extensions on my store, but this is the only extension that actually has real people supporting it.
The only Opencart database backup extension that works with every version. How they do it is beyond me.
I use this database backup plugin on all of my website and couldn’t be happier. Thanks a million and I mean it.

It Will Happen Sooner Or Later, So Don't Come Back Crying!

Download Automatic MySQL Database Backup Plugin Here

The web is not a Fairyland. Things go wrong and do so quite often. Hackers exploit websites, site owners screw up, data centers go down...Your database is the most valuable part of your site. Not having a backup procedure in place and losing your data could mean thousands of dollars in damages, lost time and revenue. Don’t skimp on this plugin. It guarantees peace of mind for the small price of a dinner.